A winery of the future must be thought of in terms of openness, sustainability, public engagement, and sensibility toward nature and culture. Solid boxes with a single production program are probably wineries of the past. To build in Kayamandi in particular - in a biosphere reserve with limited water resources - a new winery is charged to mitigate environmental conflicts resulted from agricultural activities.

“Overstory” is a shared ecosystem that enables a dialog among visitors, workers, and the native landscape. It is not only a place for production or leisure but also a small arboretum and a micro-habitat. Following the sloping terrain, the zigzagging continuum enables spaces for living and production, growing and nesting, and allows learning, socializing, and relaxing to occur spontaneously.

“Overstory” establishes a novel narrative that brings culture and nature together as one. It’s a place for discovery and a place to be surprised.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Collaborator: Danny Griffin
Status: Masterplan completed in 2021

Overall aerial axon

Site plan

Building Plans

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