"Lodgers" represents a series of land art installations commissioned for Fly Ranch.The project delves into the intricate interplay between contemporary building practices and indigenous land-based environmental wisdom. With a diverse range of land art installations, this project serves as an exploration of the potential integration or tension that arises when these two approaches converge on the land. Furthermore, these installations also serve as vital environmental enrichment infrastructure for the desert flora and fauna of northern Nevada.

Art and Architecture are often confined by a human-centric perspective. This project explores an alternative vision for environmental stewardship and art where human interventions are not placed above the biosphere and geosphere. In this case, art is a medium to foster kinship between humans and our other-than-human neighbors – a device that lives and decays with the environment over time rather than alter it irrevocably – and a catalyst for enriching biodiversity and environmental education.

Location: Fly Ranch, Nevada
Status: Ongoing

Final Report

Aerial axon drawing




Overall plan
Cycle of material

Pavilion typologies

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