Lodgers: Between Building and Unbuilding is an installation for the 2022 Lisbon Architecture Triennale: Terra.

The exhibition showcases the Lodgers project, which constructs environmental enrichment pavilions in the Black Rock Desert (BRD) region of Nevada. It investigates native material cycles, construction techniques, ecological conditions, and knowledge production to explore how architecture can highlight local materials and traditions while supporting regional ecology.

The BRD region, situated on Indigenous land, is marked by contradictions: it is remote yet crisscrossed by heavy industry, and it experiences extreme climatic conditions but teems with diverse life forms and traditions. Amid this blend of wild and designed processes, we perform actions oscillating between building and unbuilding, condensing a larger time cycle into observable effects. Using materials found on-site and non-invasive construction methods, we create 'living' structures where life forms of many sizes can make a home. These temporary structures, like their surroundings, are open to weather, collapse, and undoing.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Status: Completed in 2022
Size: 1500 ft²

Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
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Exhibition layout

Exhibition pamphlet

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