The pavilion at Ion Plaza in Houston addresses the city’s hot and humid summer climate by providing essential shading and a cooling mist. Utilizing recycled nets and polyester cloth sourced from local finishing companies, the pavilion employs the layering of semi-translucent fabric to create an intricate canopy.

This project draws its inspiration from the misty mornings often encountered along Houston’s bayous. It reimagines the ethereal spectacle of rising mist from the bayou, hovering above the water’s surface and producing a mesmerizing Tyndall effect.

The installation features a lightweight textile canopy suspended from a steel trellis. Crafted using loosely netted polyester cloth framed around steel cables, the sculpture takes on the form of fabric boxes arranged in a fluid series, mirroring the graceful movement of water. As sunlight filters through the layers of thin fabric, it replicates the captivating undulations of light on Houston’s bayous, casting an enchanting interplay of refracted light that dances upon the ground.

Location: Houston, TX
Status: Ongoing

Fabric movement simulation

Plaza axon

Pavilion assembly

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